What Canadian Hockey Teams Are In The NHL? The Magnificent 7!


The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional ice hockey league in North America, comprising 32 teams - 25 in the United States and 7 in Canada. The Canadian NHL teams are the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets.

Despite being outnumbered by the US teams, Canadian hockey teams hold a special place in the league due to their historical significance and the country's passion for the sport.

The Stanley Cup, North America's oldest professional sports trophy, is awarded annually to the National Hockey League playoff champion at the end of each season. The NHL is one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada and is considered the top-ranked professional ice hockey league in the world, with players from 18 countries as of the 2022–23 season.

History Of The National Hockey League

The NHL was set up in November 1917, after the suspension of operations of its predecessor organization, the National Hockey Association (NHA), which had been founded in 1909 in Renfrew, Ontario.

At its inception, the National Hockey League had four teams; all four were Canadian hockey teams, thus the adjective "National" in the league's name. The league expanded to the United States in 1924, when the Boston Bruins joined, and has since consisted of American and Canadian hockey teams.

In the context of Canadian hockey teams, the NHL has seen a significant impact from the "Great White North." The Montreal Canadiens hold the record for the most Stanley Cup championships, with 24 to their name. Other Canadian teams, like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers, have also had significant success and contributed to the NHL's rich history and competitive spirit.

Canadian Hockey Teams And The NHL Today

The NHL is the fifth-wealthiest professional sports league in the world by revenue, after the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the English Premier League (EPL). The league's headquarters have been in Midtown Manhattan since 1989 when the head office moved from Montreal.

The NHL's regular season is typically held from October to April, with each team playing 82 games. Following the conclusion of the regular season, 16 teams advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs, a four-round tournament that runs into June to determine the league champion.

The presence of Canadian hockey teams in the NHL is historical and continues to be significant today. Canadian teams have a solid fan base, both domestically and internationally, and games featuring Canadian teams are often among the most-watched in the league.

Moreover, Canadian hockey teams have been instrumental in developing and promoting players. Many players from Canada and other countries have honed their skills in Canadian teams before achieving success in the NHL. Some of these players have become some of the most successful and influential players in the history of the National Hockey League.

Therefore, while being a North American league, the NHL has a distinctly Canadian flavour. From its origins in Montreal to the continued presence and influence of Canadian hockey teams in the NHL, the league's history and present are deeply intertwined with Canada.

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The Magnificent Seven: Canadian NHL Teams

The NHL is home to seven Canadian teams, each with its unique history, achievements, and contributions to the sport. These seven teams are the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets.

Calgary Flames

History Of The Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames have a rich history that dates back to their inception in the 1980-1981 season. However, the Flames were not always based in Calgary. The team entered the league as the Atlanta Flames in the 1972-73 season.

After eight years in Atlanta, the team relocated to Calgary due to a lack of interest in the team in Atlanta. The Flames' first decade in the league was arguably their most successful, with much of their success, including the team's single Stanley Cup victory in 1989, coming in the latter half of the decade.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Flames' team of the 1980s featured several of the best players in the game at that time. Superstar Lanny McDonald, Al MacInnis, Joe Mullen, Doug Gilmour, and goaltender Mike Vernon were prominent features of the Flames core. The team won two Presidents Trophies, given to the best team in the NHL during the regular season, one in 1988-89 and another in 1989-90.

It made two Stanley Cup final appearances in the 1980s, one in 1986 and the other in 1989. More recently, the team went to the Stanley Cup final in 2004, facing off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the last season before the NHL established a salary cap.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

Today, the Calgary Flames roster features several top-tier NHL players, including Jonathan Huberdeau, Nazem Kadri, Mikael Backlund, and Jacob Markstrom. However, despite the high expectations for the 2022-2023 NHL season, the Flames struggled throughout the season.

Despite the recent struggles, the Flames remain a team with a promising future. The team's management and players are committed to improving their performance and returning to the top of the NHL standings.

Edmonton Oilers

History Of The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers were initially established as a professional hockey team in the World Hockey Association (WHA), a rival to the National Hockey League (NHL). Originally known as the Alberta Oilers, the team played games in Calgary and Edmonton.

The Oilers are renowned for having one of the most impressive dynasties in NHL history. The Oilers won 5 Stanley Cups within a span of 7 seasons, starting from the 83/84 season and ending in the 89/90 season.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Oilers have a long history of notable achievements and key players. The team's 1984-1985 season is particularly memorable, with the team being labelled the greatest NHL team in the game's history.

This Edmonton Oilers team included hockey legends like Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, Glenn Anderson, Paul Coffey, and Grant Fuhr.

The Oilers were the first team ever to win 5 Stanley Cups within a 7-year timeframe. The team also made a surprise Stanley Cup run in 2006, led by all-star and likely Hall of Fame defenseman Chris Pronger.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

In recent years, the Oilers have assembled many high draft picks, including superstars and arguably the two best players in the National Hockey League, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. The team has now established itself as one of the premier teams in the league, frequently finishing inside the top ten in the standings.

The Oilers' prospects look promising, with a strong team foundation and a wealth of talent. The team's success in the coming years will largely depend on the performance of its star players and the development of its young talent.

Montreal Canadiens

History Of The Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens, colloquially known as the Habs, are a professional ice hockey team based in Montreal. Founded in 1909, they are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team worldwide and the only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL.

The Canadiens' history predates that of every other Canadian franchise outside football, as well as every American franchise outside baseball and the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. The team's championship season in 1992–93 marked the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup.

J. Ambrose O'Brien founded the Canadiens as a charter member of the National Hockey Association, the forerunner to the NHL. It was to be the team of the francophone community in Montreal, composed of francophone players and under francophone ownership as soon as possible.

The team's first season was unsuccessful; they placed last in the league. After the first year, ownership was transferred to George Kennedy of Montreal, and the team's record improved over the following seasons. The team won its first Stanley Cup championship in 1915–16.

In 1917, with four other NHA teams, the Canadiens formed the NHL, and they won their first NHL Stanley Cup during the 1923–24 season, led by Howie Morenz. The team moved from the Mount Royal Arena to the Montreal Forum for the 1926–27 season.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any other franchise in NHL history, having earned 24 championships, with 23 victories since the founding of the NHL, and 22 since 1927, when NHL teams became the only ones to compete for the Stanley Cup.

The Canadiens also had the most championships by a team of any of the four major North American sports until the New York Yankees won their 25th World Series title in 1999.

The Canadiens added ten more championships in 15 seasons from 1965 to 1979, with another dynastic run of four-straight Cups from 1976 to 1979. In the 1976–77 season, the Canadiens set three still-standing team records – fewest losses (8) in an 80-game season, the longest home unbeaten streak (34), and best goal differential (+216) – and one record that lasted until the 2022–23 Boston Bruins beat it, for the most points (132) in an 80-game season.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

In the 2020–21 season, the Canadiens advanced through the Stanley Cup playoffs, beating the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round 4–3, overcoming a 3–1 Maple Leafs lead in the series. The Canadiens then swept the Winnipeg Jets in the second round, advancing to the Stanley Cup semifinals.

The Canadiens defeated the Vegas Golden Knights in the semifinals, clinching an overtime victory in Game 6 of the series and reaching their first Stanley Cup Finals in 28 years while also being the first Canadian team to reach the Stanley Cup Finals since the Vancouver Canucks in 2011. Montreal lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4 games to 1.

In the 2021–22 season, the Canadiens were unable to replicate their success from the prior season, ultimately finishing last in the league for the first time since the 1939–40 season and the first time in the NHL's expansion era, in what was one of the worst seasons in the team's history.

As a result, team owner Geoff Molson authorized a "rebuild" of the roster over an extended period, a first in the franchise's modern history. The Canadiens finished fifth-last in the subsequent 2022–23 season.

Ottawa Senators

History Of The Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators, colloquially known as the Sens, were founded in 1992 by Ottawa real estate developer Bruce Firestone. The team is the second NHL franchise to use the Ottawa Senators name, with the original Ottawa Senators having a storied history, including winning the Stanley Cup 11 times and playing in the NHL from 1917 until 1934.

The current franchise began play in the 1992–93 season and has made 16 playoff appearances, won four division titles, and won the 2003 Presidents' Trophy. They made an appearance in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals but lost to the Anaheim Ducks in five games.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Senators have had several notable players throughout their history. Alexei Yashin, the team's first-ever draft selection from 1992, emerged as one of the NHL's brightest young stars. The team also drafted players like Radek Bonk, Bryan Berard (traded for Wade Redden), Chris Phillips, and Marian Hossa, who would become solid NHL players and formed a strong core of players in years to come.

In 2007, the Senators reached the Stanley Cup Finals, led by the 'CASH' line of Alfredsson, Spezza, and newly acquired Dany Heatley, goaltender Ray Emery, and the strong defence of Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

The Senators have had a mixed performance in more recent years. The 2011–12 season saw them finish as the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, drawing a first-round playoff matchup against the Conference champion New York Rangers.

They ultimately lost the series in seven games. The following season, despite long-term injuries to key players such as Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek, and Craig Anderson, the Senators finished seventh in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto Maple Leafs

History Of The Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a history that dates back to 1917. The team was initially established as the Toronto Arenas before being renamed the Toronto St. Patricks in 1919.

In 1927, the team was renamed again, this time to the Toronto Maple Leafs, a name that has stuck ever since. Over the decades, the Leafs have seen numerous excellent players grace their roster and have retired 13 jersey numbers in honour of some of the greatest players in their history.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Maple Leafs are one of the most successful teams in the history of the National Hockey League. They have won the Stanley Cup 13 times, a feat only surpassed by the Montreal Canadiens. Despite this impressive record, the Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, marking one of the longest championship droughts in the NHL.

The team has also won the President's Trophy once, awarded to the team with the best regular-season record. Some of the most notable players in the team's history include legends like Darryl Sittler, Johnny Bower, Tim Horton, and, more recently, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

The Maple Leafs have been a consistent playoff contender in recent years, largely thanks to the performances of star players like Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and John Tavares.

The team's prospects look promising, with a strong core of players in their prime and several promising young players coming through the ranks. The Leafs hope to end their long Stanley Cup drought in the coming years.

Vancouver Canucks

History Of The Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks have a history that dates back to their inception in 1970 during the NHL's second expansion. The team initially struggled to find its footing, failing to secure a winning record in the early years. However, the Canucks found their stride in the 1974-75 season, winning the newly formed Smythe Division and making their first appearance in the playoffs.

The team's most notable postseason run occurred in 1982 when they reached the Stanley Cup Final, only to be swept by the New York Islanders. The Canucks experienced further success in the 1992 and 1993 seasons, securing division titles but falling short in the playoffs.

Their most recent runs to the Stanley Cup Final were 1994 in 2011, but they fell short again, losing to the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

Over the years, the Vancouver Canucks have been home to several notable players who have left an indelible mark on the franchise's history. Among these players, Trevor Linden stands out for his exceptional contributions as a player and a community figure. His impact on the team and the Vancouver community remains significant, making him a beloved and iconic figure in Canucks history.

Other notable players include Pavel Bure, Orland Kurtenbach, Daniel Sedin, Thomas Gradin, and Henrik Sedin. These players have made significant contributions to the team's success and have helped shape the Canucks' identity in the NHL.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

In recent years, the Canucks have seen some promising talent rise through their ranks. Players like Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson have proven to be standout performers. With his all-around ability and defensive play, Hughes has been a contender for the Norris Trophy. Pettersson has excelled as the team's valuable MVP and has been considered for major NHL awards.

Hughes leads in Goals Above Replacement among defensemen and has outperformed many defensively. Pettersson ranks third in GAR, stands out in defence for the Selke, and has a real chance at the Lady Byng due to his sportsmanship and impressive performance.

These players, along with the rest of the Canucks' roster, represent the future of the successful franchise here. Their development and performance will be crucial to the Canucks' prospects in the coming years. As the team approaches its 40th year in the league, the Canucks seek to improve and achieve the postseason success that has been elusive in recent years.

Winnipeg Jets

History Of The Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets competes in the National Hockey League as a member of the Central Division in the Western Conference. The Jets were established as the Atlanta Thrashers on June 25, 1997, and began play in the 1999–2000 NHL season.

The team was bought by True North Sports & Entertainment in May 2011 and relocated to Winnipeg before the 2011–12 season. The team was renamed the Jets after Winnipeg's original WHA/NHL team, which relocated after the 1995–96 season due to financial issues to become the Phoenix (later Arizona) Coyotes.

The original Winnipeg Jets were founded in 1972, joined the NHL in 1979, and moved to Phoenix in 1996. The current Jets franchise was initially the Atlanta Thrashers, who began play in the 1999–2000 season. After 12 years in Atlanta, the Thrashers were sold to True North and relocated to Winnipeg for the 2011–12 season.

Notable Achievements And Key Players

The Jets have had a mixed performance in the NHL. In the 2017–18 season, the Jets clinched their second playoff spot since relocating from Atlanta with the help of starting goaltender Connor Hellebuyck.

They made further franchise history by advancing to the Western Conference finals for the first time, defeating the Nashville Predators four games to three. However, they lost the Western Conference finals to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Key players for the Jets include Dustin Byfuglien, who was signed to a five-year extension in the 2015 off-season, and Blake Wheeler, who was appointed their new captain in the summer of 2016. Finnish prospect Patrik Laine, selected with the second overall pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, has also contributed significantly to the team.

Current Performance And Future Prospects

The Jets struggled in the 2019–20 season due to the departure of many high-profile defencemen, such as Jacob Trouba, Tyler Myers and Dustin Byfuglien, but were still in contention for a wild-card spot when the league shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Jets were awarded a playoff spot as part of the expanded format, but injuries to star forwards Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine in the first game of their series against the Calgary Flames in the Qualifying Round handicapped the team, and they were eliminated three games to one in the best-of-five series.

In the 2021–22 season, the Jets finished a disappointing sixth in the Central Division, missing the playoffs. At the start of the 2022–23 season, forward Blake Wheeler was stripped of the team captaincy. Despite these challenges, the team remains competitive, and with a strong core of young players, the Jets have the potential to improve in the coming seasons.

The Impact Of Canadian Hockey Teams On The NHL

Canada is the birthplace of hockey, and it's no surprise that the country's teams have profoundly impacted the NHL. The league itself was founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1917, with four of its original five teams being Canadian hockey teams.

The Montreal Canadiens, one of the founding teams, is the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team worldwide and the only existing National Hockey League club to predate the league.

These teams have provided stiff competition and been home to some of the greatest players in the sport's history. From Wayne Gretzky's record-breaking stint with the Edmonton Oilers to Maurice "Rocket" Richard's legendary career with the Montreal Canadiens, Canadian hockey teams have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the NHL.

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The North Division

The impact of the Canadian hockey teams was further highlighted during the 2020-21 NHL season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hockey league had had to realign its divisions to minimize travel. This led to the creation of the North Division, composed solely of the seven Canadian hockey teams.

Influence Beyond The Ice

The influence of the Canadian hockey teams extends beyond the ice. They have played a crucial role in promoting the sport within Canada, inspiring generations of young players to take up hockey.

The team's community outreach programs, youth hockey initiatives, and player development systems have helped foster a strong hockey culture in Canada. This has, in turn, ensured a steady supply of top-tier talent to the NHL.

The Future Of Canadian Hockey Teams In The NHL

As the NHL continues to evolve, so does the role and impact of the Canadian hockey teams. In recent years, the NHL and the relevant provincial authorities have agreed on the protocols necessary to enable the seven NHL teams based in Canada to play in their home arenas.

The seven Canadian hockey teams, namely the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets, make up the North Division in the NHL. This division is one of four realigned divisions for the 2020-21 season, a change that has brought about new dynamics and rivalries within the league.

However, the future of these teams is not without challenges. The NHL is a highly competitive league, and every team has to strive to improve and stay ahead of the competition constantly.

In addition, these teams also have to navigate the complexities of operating in a country where hockey is more than just a sport. In Canada, hockey is a part of the national identity, bringing a unique set of expectations and pressures. Managing these expectations while striving to be competitive in the league is a delicate balancing act that these teams must perform.

Conclusion - Canadian Hockey Teams In The NHL

In conclusion, the seven Canadian hockey teams in the NHL - the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets - each bring a unique flavour to the league. Their rich histories, memorable achievements, and promising futures make them an integral part of the NHL. As we look forward to the future, one thing is certain - Canadian hockey teams will continue to be at the heart of the NHL.

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