About Me

When you think about sports, what immediately pops into your mind? Soccer, basketball? I bet we could go through a long list of sports before we’d get to ice hockey.

But why? So many people, like myself, consider it to be one of the best sports out there – so why is it so rarely talked about? 

Hi, my name is Tom Danier and I’m a 25-year-old who loves playing ice hockey in my spare time. When I was growing up, I was never interested in the usual sports like soccer.

I always protested that I hated sports, but then I was introduced to ice hockey. 

Since I was 11, I have been playing ice hockey whenever I find the time. I played with my school friends, joined the college hockey team, and now get to the local ice rink with strangers after work. 

I often wonder where I could be if only hockey was pushed on me as much as other sports were when I was younger.

At 11 years old, there wasn’t much information about hockey anywhere, so I never learned about the right equipment, techniques, or how to ace a tryout. 

That is why I have created One Million Skates, a website in which I hope to be a useful tool for young budding hockey players.

If I could help just one person who wanted to play professionally but didn’t know how to get there, then I’d be so happy. 

So, stay and learn from me – an avid hockey player – and hopefully I’ll see you on the ice sometime!