“There is so much to be learned through hockey and team sports and HEROS makes these lessons accessible to kids who otherwise might not get the chance.”

-Jay Bouwmeester, St. Louis Blues

Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) is a volunteer-driven charity that uses the game of hockey to teach life-skills and empower Canada’s marginalized youth. For over 17 years HEROS has engaged over 7200 boys and girls. HEROS provides all programming FREE for our most vulnerable youth by providing a ’Team for life” culture, celebrating their first goal on the ice and assisting in their dreams off the ice.

By providing a safe and stable environment for young people to succeed, connect and learn, HEROS guides its participants to become constructive citizens within their communities. As long as our HEROS stay in school, financial assistance is available for them to pursue minor hockey which might not be financially possible otherwise. We also support our HEROS beyond secondary school and now have HEROS attending a variety of post-secondary institutions across Canada.

Over 700 boys and girls will directly participate in HEROS programming this year through one of our 20 programs in 9 cities acress Canada.

Your generous donation will support a HERO for an entire year!

* weekly ice sessions
* free equipment
* on and off-ice coaching
* mentorship development
* community events
* nutritional programs
* educational assistance
* seasonal award celebrations
* scholarship opportunities
* …and so much more!

This Contribution will be life altering for a deserving HERO and will make a significant difference in your life knowing that you are a HERO too.

Be a hero for a hero.
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  1. Ian Jean says:

    I witnessed this amazing program for the 1st time yesterday afternoon in Vanier. I was very impressed with the positivity and constant reinforcement being given by the on and off ice volunteers. What a tremendous opportunity these children have to experience the great team sport of hockey and maybe forget their off ice troubles for awhile and maybe become successful members of the community.
    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  2. Tyler says:

    Hey guys i was wondering if there was any way i could help out with the on-ice coaching/mentorship side of the charity? I’m a goalie just looking to give back. I can also give you any other information you need! Thanks!

  3. Tami Maines says:

    Can I make a donation for a gift for a friend and would you send them a –

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