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Tennis Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Tennis in Canada has been bolstered recently by a terrific upsurge in Canadian talent. July 2012 saw both Eugenie Bouchard and Filip Peliwo win Wimbledon Junior singles titles. Marking the first […]

Who’s in charge?

If you enjoy a healthy involvement in the athletic life of your children you will naturally want to discuss their games and events and they will want to discuss them with you. The challenge is to always keep your comments supportive and to inspire your children to want to be better and more successful, not to be telling them how they can improve and succeed more often.

It’s All About Balance

Some kids will thrive on the challenge of advancing in hockey. For others, warming the bench on a higher division could shatter their confidence. How does a hockey parent build their young player’s confidence and support their ambitions, all the while making sure they aren’t crushed from the pressure of unrealistic expectations? Keep it fun and keep it in perspective, no matter what level they play.

Love and Accept Your Young Athletes (Regardless of Performance)

This is Percival’s first rule because it underpins all of the rest. If we cannot assure our children that they are loved, that we support them in all of their endeavors and will not judge them based on their success or failure, then what is the point of their engaging in sport at all? It is a precept, which seems obvious and simple; however, in our highly pressurized world of sport, it can become complex and is too often overlooked, even when we are dealing with children under the age of ten.

Are you really supporting your hockey player?

Don’t say “winning doesn’t count” because it does. Instead, help develop the feel for com-peting, for trying hard, for having fun. Explain that the “Happy Warrior” who loves all as-pects of play is usually in the long term the best athlete.

A Heroic Teacher

Justin Borsato is committed to teaching. He is a Grade 7 teacher in one of the toughest elementary schools in Vancouver, British Columbia, yet Justin remains passionate about his students.  […]

Ten Rules for the Parents of Young Hockey Players

We’ve all seen them at the rink, or heard about them from other parents; we might even be one or have been one of them in the past. They yell at the players from the stands, besmirch the good name of the referee and loudly question the decisions of the coach. Some of them are less conspicuous, sitting off by themselves, intently making mental notes in preparation for the post-game conversation with their son or daughter. They might seem like the hockey parent from hell or they might pass for any other hockey parent, but they are one in the same.

2015 Hockey Coaches Conference

OneMillionSkates and Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) are pleased to be partnered with the 2015 Hockey Coaches Conference. To celebrate, we are offering OneMillionSkates readers an exclusive opportunity to win tickets […]

Life and your mind: Take a three minute break everyday

Whether you’re a parent or player involved in sports, we often find ourselves bouncing from one event to the next at mock speed. In each situation we are asked to […]

The Pros and Cons of Spring Hockey

Spring hockey can be the best of times and the worst of times! It can be amazing or disappointing. It can enhance your player’s skill development or exacerbate your player’s […]

So, what do hockey scouts really look for?

So, what do hockey scouts really look for? It’s a question every serious hockey player will ask as he or she approaches Bantam and beyond. Scouts rate players in five […]

Establishing Nutrition Goals For The Off-Season

If you’re like most athletes, once off-season starts, you’re ready for a well-deserved break. During the season, you’re constantly working to develop your skills, improve your eating habits and are […]