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Summer Workout Routine for Players

Young hockey players need to enjoy summer but some training will be important for tryouts come fall.

Great Skating Makes a Difference

I sometimes wonder if skating experts, or “Power Skating” coaches don’t try to invent their own list of skating tip priorities as a marketing angle. If you search out some of the leading teachers online they all have certain points they emphasize, and a surprising number of them contradict each other.

Strength Training Tips for Hockey Moms

The life of a hockey mom can be busy taking care of the needs of a son or daughter during the season. With all the driving to games and practices, […]

Fitness Activities for Dad and Kids

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and get active with your kids. My dad and I created great memories keeping fit together during the off-season. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite activities I shared with my dad growing up.