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Keeping up to Speed With 2018 Olympic Hockey

The 2018 winter Olympics are in full swing and we’re sure we aren’t the only ones with our tv’s on 24 hours a day right now!  The level of competition is just so good and cheering on your country makes all sports more exciting somehow.  Whether you are rooting for team Canada or team Sweden, Olympic hockey is top notch.

While we wish our bosses would put work on hold during this exciting time (I mean… it does only happen every 4 years!) that’s not often the case and we are bound to miss some of our favourite sporting events. Outlined below are some ways you can keep up to speed with Olympic hockey so you don’t miss a single beat (or whistle).

  1. Twitter: Follow the @TeamCanada, @PyeongChang2018 and @CBCOlympics accounts and set up notifications on your phone to pop up on your lock screen.
  2. Throw in your earbuds and play a live stream while you work away (as long as that won’t distract you, that is 😉 ).
  3. Head over to The Hockey News site every evening and get an in-depth recap of the hockey highlights for that day.

Another great way to hear some behind the scenes experiences and listen to athlete’s stories is to download the CBC Radio Podcast which airs daily.



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