Financial Assistance

To encourage HEROS participants to pursue their dreams, HEROS provides financial assistance for Minor Hockey and post secondary and vocational education for current participants. Financial-Assistance Minor Hockey Assistance HEROS participants who excel in hockey and have the desire to play additional hockey with their local minor hockey teams are encouraged and supported to do so. With minor hockey expenses costing Canadian families up to $1,500 annually, HEROS aims to assist. HEROS will provide financial support to families of active participants who are motivated to play on a Minor Hockey team. This support can include assistance in accessing community based subsidies, additional financial resources to cover any shortfalls, and providing equipment that can be used on a regular basis for their Minor Hockey team. To access this financial assistance, HEROS participants and families must:

  • Be an active participant in HEROS programs for a minimum of one year
  • Have applied for funds through HEROS partner – Jumpstart
  • Provide a short letter written by the participant outlining why hockey is important to them

Post Secondary Scholarships and Vocational Training HEROS All Stars are encouraged to apply for financial assistance to complete post secondary education in order to further their opportunity and careers. Scholarship funding is available for those applicants who express the desire to further their education or vocational training beyond high school. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements:

  • Have been with HEROS for a minimum of two years,
  • Committed to continuing involvement with HEROS programs,
  • Accepted to a recognized post secondary institution or vocational training program,
  • Proof of application to additional student assistance,
  • Submit a motivation letter outlining the participants education and life goals and how HEROS has assisted in achieving them and
  • Submit a budget outlining the costs associated with post secondary education, expected incomes, and deadlines for academic expenses.

For more information about financial assistance, please contact your local HEROS coordinator.

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