An internationally known expert in the field of applied sports psychology, Dr. Goldberg works with athletes and teams across all sports at every level, from professional and Olympic calibre right down to junior competitors. He was the sports psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA men’s basketball national champion University of Connecticut Huskies and to the 2000 NCAA men’s soccer champions. He is the former sports psychology consultant for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department and worked closely with the men’s hockey program. Dr. Goldberg specializes in helping athletes to overcome fears and blocks, snap out of slumps and perform to their potential. His revolutionary new book, This Is Your Brain On Sports: Beating Blocks, Slumps and Performance Anxiety For Good! as well as his book Sports Slump Busting (Llumina Press) are based on his extensive experience with getting individual athletes unstuck and back on track. Outside of sports, Dr. Goldberg works with performing artists, sales and business people, test takers and public speakers. He is a regular and popular presenter at coaching clinics, colleges and high schools across the United States and beyond. He is known for his ability to take the subjects of sports psychology and peak performance and present them in a humorous, practical and easy-to-understand manner. For more information, visit Competitive Edge.

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