Are Competitive Sports A Good Thing?

Competitive sports are a big part of people’s lives as they can watch them on TV, play them themselves, or play them through video games.

Although people love competitive sports and race to sign themselves or their kids up to play them, some worry that they are not good for people to participate in. 

There are lots of pros and cons associated with competitive sports as they can be very beneficial to people but not to others.

Although sports are good to play to keep fit and healthy, are competitive sports good for kids to get involved in?

This article will explain more about whether competitive sports are a good or bad thing so that you can determine whether or not you think they are beneficial for people.

You can find out more about playing competitive sports below. 

What Are Competitive Sports?

Competitive sports are where an individual or a team competes against another during a tournament or for a one-off game.

Lots of popular sports are competitive sports, like football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and tennis, and they are very popular for people to learn. 

Competitive sports are popular to learn as people love the sport and it keeps them fit, healthy, and in good shape, but some people disagree with the idea of competitive sports.

They involve a lot of competition, which some people do not find healthy, but others enjoy the atmosphere that it creates. 

Are Competitive Sports A Good Or Bad Thing?

Below you will be able to find the pros and cons associated with competitive sports so that you can see whether or not you think that they are a good idea.

You can find out more below to make your decision about competitive sports. 


They Are Fun!

Finding a sport that you are passionate about and that you can play with others who share the same passion is exciting and fun for people.

Playing sports with your friends can help you bond as you will all have the same interest, which strengthens your friendships with others.

The thrill of participating in your favorite sport is fun, and people look forward to it. 

Improve Teamwork Skills

When you are participating in a team sport, your teamwork skills are improved as you are working with other people to achieve the same goal.

You can all share your ideas on how to improve your team to help you win, which means that you all need to listen to each other and contribute to the team.

You have individual roles, but you all need to learn to work together.

You Are Part Of The Team

When you are part of a team, you are incredibly valued as they need to you play well.

Being a part of a team allows you to all experience the same things, so you all understand how the other team members feel in various situations.

Being there for each other is important, and you are all able to understand each other’s feelings during and after games. 

Improves Social Skills

Competitive Sports Improve Social Skills Are competitve sports a good thing?
Competitive Sports Improve Social Skills

Having good social skills is important for young people as they are finding like-minded people to bond with, and playing a team sport can help this.

You can meet lots of new people through playing competitive sports that you might not have met otherwise, such as people from other states, cities, or countries. 

Sports Decrease Stress

If you have a lot of stress in your life, you may find that playing competitive sports helps to take your mind off it and focus on the game.

You are focusing on working together with your team to perform well in the game, which allows you to have fun and feel happier.

Playing competitive sports helps you to feel more relaxed, resulting in less stress. 


Pressure Can Increase

When you are playing competitive sports for fun, they are very beneficial, but deciding to try to make a career out of playing a sport can increase the amount of pressure on you.

Players can begin to feel very pressurized to succeed, which can affect their mental health.

Tryouts can make players feel anxious, and they can feel even more pressured if they do not go well. 

Serious Injuries

The risk of serious injuries is increased from playing competitive sports as some of them can be permanent and prevent you from playing again.

Other injuries can prevent you from playing for a while, which can affect your skills if you are unable to play.

Some injuries can even be life-threatening and incredibly dangerous. 

Can Exhaust People

When you play competitive sports, your body can become extremely exhausted, especially if you are overplaying them.

Your body and your mind can become very tired from playing competitive sports, which can result in over-exhaustion.

This can lead you to have problems when you are sleeping, affecting your daily life. 

Takes Up A Lot Of Time

Deciding to play a competitive sport can take up a lot of time as you need to dedicate time to training sessions.

This can either be after school or work and can also require dedication on the weekends.

It is important to recognize that you will be spending a lot of time playing it, especially if you are part of a team. 

Can Be Distracting

When students play competitive sports, it can take a lot of time away from their studies, which could see their school or college work to suffer.

It can distract people from important things that could impact their future, which many parents dislike and find too risky.

Finding a good balance is important when you or your kids decide to take up a sport. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are many pros and cons to playing competitive sports. If you or your kids want to start playing, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to see what would be more beneficial for them.

There are lots of benefits to playing competitive sports that are very important for kids to experience, but they can also be dangerous and distracting for kids.