5 things your hockey bill covers

Hockey is an expensive game, there’s no questioning that.  Ice time is expensive, travel is expensive, and equipment is expensive. But, hockey offers players so much more than ice time and game play.

When you pay your child’s hockey bill, you are opening up the doors to a world of opportunity for life lessons.  Hockey is more than a game.  It’s a way to teach anyone who touches the ice and plays the game to how to be a part of something bigger.  It offers skaters the opportunity to learn and connect with others on many different levels.

Hockey shows kids:

  • You don’t always win, but there is always a way to grow and learn.
  • You need to forge friendships and positive relationships to accomplish big things.
  • You need to work hard, and then and only then, do you get to play hard.
  • You need to face your competition head on and smart.
  • You need to deal with adversity, not run from it.
  • You need to learn to manage your time to achieve great things.
  • And so much more.

So yes, the game is expensive.  But, it opens the door for lessons that cannot be learned in the classroom or at home from families.  It gives players real life opportunities to grow and connect.  And, most importantly, it gives kids a positive and productive outlet that they can take with them well into their adult years.

Checkout this infographic to see what your hockey bill really does cover.  You will be surprised to see what this great game really teaches kids.

About the author, Emily Erson:

To some teaching is a job, and the title they give themselves is teacher.  To me, teaching is a passion, and the title I give myself is lifelong learner.  I think through sports and community, we can show kids that they have the potential to do great things.

In addition to finding ways to reach kids in the classroom, I spend a great deal of my time working with several youth hockey programs and animal rescue organizations.

You can check out Emily’s blog, On the Job Mom or you can reach Emily on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

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