These 5 Activities In Nature Will Help You Become A Better Hockey Player

A mastery of skills is what defines a true hockey player. To have an A-game on ice, you need to capture all the distinct yet inter-related, hockey techniques. Though it takes years of practice and dedication, in the end you could rank the same as NHL players.

Hockey is a full time job. You need to learn basic skills such as stick handling, defensive play, skating, shooting, passing, offensive play, pass reception, and team systems. Other fundamental areas of training that also need concentration are nutrition, hand eye coordination, conditioning, and mental awareness.

To help you out with training, you may consider some of these five sports. Though not directly related to hockey, they provide techniques that might boost your overall hockey skills.

Biking – conditioning and building stamina

To achieve optimum endurance, an athlete needs to replicate an actual shift on the ice in close proximity. What better way to condition your body than with biking? A two-five minutes warm up followed by an eight minutes straight drill is a great starting ground.

Biking allows you to adjust the resistance while building on your stamina. It also elevates your cardiovascular output levels by increasing their strength and size during the sprinting phase. In the process, you also build on leg strength, a key player in proper ice-skating.

You can incorporate biking in your on-and-off training. It is best to exercise high intensity with short intermediary durations.

Note: Biking is not recommended as an off-ice conditioning reinforcement. Due to its hip and back flexion, it may add up to the injury already caused by hockey. It is best to moderate biking and not make it the primary conditioning method.

Tennis –  hand-eye coordination, rapid change of direction and foot speed

Tennis is an enjoyable indoor game that boosts hockey skills. The pressure conditions in this game build mental toughness in hockey players and reliance on self along with the team.

While playing tennis, you require fast movements, proper hand eye coordination and rapid change in direction. You get to work on your foot speed, lateral movement, stops and starts, explosive movements and importance of following through with shots. All this techniques are vital during a hockey play.

Rollerblading – improves your balance, confidence and swiftness

If you are a less experienced hockey player, rollerblading is the game for you. The game goes a long way to enhance your hockey skills.

Rollerblading enables you to improve your balance. First time hockey players tend to have less courage. Without courage, a player often has a crappy balance.

As an athlete rollerblading intensifies your confidence. It is a safer form of hockey practice. You develop a better sense of motion without fear.

Single leg control and swiftness is a commonly used skill in hockey. You may not be a natural with the agility of your feet. Practicing with rollerblading sharpens your leg control ability.

Rollerblading build’s up transition. Swift movement in hockey can be very challenging. Transition without loss of speed is a vital technique. Overall rollerblading increases leg power.

Skiing – enhances stamina, focus and balance

Athletes who have an eye for skiing, can try out this outdoor sport as an upgrade to their hockey technique.  Great skiing skills are an added advantage to a hockey player. This sport requires a steady balance. The balance achieved, heightens your stability. You become naturally steady and composed.

Skiing boosts your stamina. After skiing, you find it easy to prolong your effort. Your toughness is increased a notch higher.

Sports like skiing elevate hockey players’ confidence. While at it, you condition your body and enhance your prowess in the game.

Skiing, often involves changing direction rapidly. The swiftness in movement and shift of direction reflects in hockey.

Go Karting – boosts conditioning, superior focus and swiftness

Go karting is the race game with a skeleton, light weight car. Racing with a go kart, enhances the focus of the driver. This translates to hockey as players because they maintain their attention on the target.

Go karting increases the balance of a hockey player. Drivers navigate the tracks as they control their composure and also speed. Hockey players who are go kart drivers, tend to remain upright and steady through the game.

Racing a go kart requires swiftness. A fast go kart driver, converts this skill to hockey. Remember, hockey is no place for a slow player. Go karting upgrades the conditioning of hockey players. The strength, explosiveness and power of an athlete improve drastically.

These five sports enhance your technique in hockey. To sharpen your skills consider incorporating them in your training. In the end, you build your stamina and conditioning not forgetting composure and confidence. These are key features that make a complete hockey player.

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