• Keep Your Cool

    Keep Your Cool

    Welcome back to the Ten Rules series where we examine Lloyd Percival’s list of How to Establish Rapport with Your Athletic Child. In the first post, we looked at

  • Coaches vs. Parents

    Coaches vs. Parents

    The parent treads on dangerous ground when they criticize a popular coach. The fact that children today are more likely to question the actions of

  • Let Them Dream

    Let Them Dream

    Rule #5 Don’t live through your hockey player. Try not to re-live your athletic life through your child. You fumbled too. You lost as well as

  • The Happy Warrior

    The Happy Warrior

    Rule # 4 Teach them to enjoy the thrill of competition and sharpen their skills. Don’t say “winning doesn’t count” because it does. Instead, help

  • HEROS Across Canada

    HEROS Across Canada

    Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) celebrates ice hockey while giving an opportunity for young people to grow while learning life and hockey skills. Personal

  • Tennis Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Tennis Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Tennis in Canada has been bolstered recently by a terrific upsurge in Canadian talent. July 2012 saw both Eugenie Bouchard and Filip Peliwo win Wimbledon Junior

  • Who’s in charge?

    Who’s in charge?

    If you enjoy a healthy involvement in the athletic life of your children you will naturally want to discuss their games and events and they

  • It’s All About Balance

    It’s All About Balance

    Some kids will thrive on the challenge of advancing in hockey. For others, warming the bench on a higher division could shatter their confidence.

Ten Rules for the Parents of Young Hockey Players

Ten Rules for the Parents of Young Hockey Players

We’ve all seen them at the rink, or heard about them from other parents; we might even be one or have been one of them in the past. They yell at the players from the stands, besmirch the good name of the referee and loudly question the decisions of the coach. Some of them are [...]

July 25, 2015 Gary Mossman Special Feature, Ten Rules 0

2015 Hockey Coaches Conference

2015 Hockey Coaches Conference

OneMillionSkates and Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (HEROS) are pleased to be partnered with the 2015 Hockey Coaches Conference. To celebrate, we are offering OneMillionSkates readers an exclusive opportunity to win tickets to the conference. Email your favourite coach experience to by Wednesday July 22nd for your chance to win! About the Conference: The Coaches Site [...]

July 13, 2015 Katlyn Moore Contests, Exclusive Offers, Partner Offers 0

Life and your mind: Take a three minute break everyday

Life and your mind: Take a three minute break everyday

Whether you’re a parent or player involved in sports, we often find ourselves bouncing from one event to the next at mock speed. In each situation we are asked to gather our energy and put forward our best selves. From these situations we often look back to determine both our degree of growth and success. [...]

June 20, 2015 Lynn Oucharek — Founder, O Vision Consulting Best Skate Forward, Inside Edge 0

To the Dads of the World…

To the Dads of the World…

It’s that time of year when we show our appreciation for that man in our lives who is always cheering for us and supporting us at every game. Dads play a very special role in our hockey lives and often go unsung throughout the year. This Sunday is a great chance to remind dad how [...]

June 13, 2015 Staff Writer In The Corner, On The Fly 0

A True Hero: Dad, This One’s for You

A True Hero: Dad, This One’s for You

For many years I have worked with kids for a living, however I have no idea what it will feel like when it’s my son I am coaching. Instead, I draw on the experiences and memories of my own father, and how he treated me as a son (at home), as a player (at rink), [...]

June 6, 2015 Nathan Leslie Inside Edge, Pro, Special Feature 0

The Pros and Cons of Spring Hockey

The Pros and Cons of Spring Hockey

Spring hockey can be the best of times and the worst of times! It can be amazing or disappointing. It can enhance your player’s skill development or exacerbate your player’s bad habits. It can energize your player emotionally or hinder his or her desire and ability to compete next season. My wife, Jenni, and I [...]

April 9, 2015 Ryan Walter — Abbotsford Heat President, Stanley Cup Champion, Coach, Speaker, Author Inside Edge 2